I am Gidion. This is my story.

"When I first saw your tiny body and heard your courageous cry
My heart separated from me; my emotions flew high
I knew from the start a mighty warrior was born
A boy that would fight and conquer, the enemy be warned..."
- Tuschka Reynders

Gidion Mighty Warrior of God - The book

How do you put in words the story of a boy that had all the odds stacked against him?

How could ordinary people ever understand the bravery of a boy that faced challenges that would make grown men cry?

How strong is a mother's faith?

Read the life story of Gidion Reuben du Toit as told by his mom, Tuschka. This beautifully written book will take you on an unforgettable journey, and long after you've put it down, its powerful message will echo in your thoughts.

Gidion is a hero in every possible sense of the word. He has changed so many lives, and through this book lives on to change so many more.

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