Meet Gidion du Toit

The Warrior of God

This is Gidi

Feisty, funny, happy, smiling and full of life.

A glimpse into the life of Gidion du Toit, the young boy that faced more adversity in his life than anyone can imagine. But he did so with a smile and a thumbs-up.

Burning Heart

CY Worship

An ode to Gidion

Written by/Copyright: Yolandé von Wielligh & Jattie de Beer.

Gidion hearing about his 8th Birthday Bash

The Most Awesome Birthday Party Ever

The Birthday Party - The Big Reveal

Gidion hearing for the first time what's happening for his 8th birthday.

Gidi's 8th Birthday

The Most Awesome Birthday Party Ever

28 January 2017 - The Birthday Party

Thanks to the generous and selfless generosity of so many people and businesses, Gidi was blessed with the best Birthday any boy could have.

In the media: Joburg councillor takes time out to spend with the smallest hero, fighting the biggest battle

The Fanconi Anemia Hope Foundation Fundraiser video

The #Hope4Gidion Project

1 Apr 2018 - The Fundraiser

Gidion's mom, Tuschka, explains the #Hope4Gidion project.

GrootFM's Call to action


May 2018 - The GrootFM special day

Local radio station, GrootFM, doing their part to give Gidi an awesome time and to raise awareness for the #Hope4Gidion Project.

Fanconi anemia

Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Understanding Fanconi anemia

Gidion had Fanconi anemia (FA). This short, informative video gives some background information on the disease.